Coffee Cake Recipe

Coffee cakes are definitely a wonderful treat! The irony is that they typically do not contain any coffee in them. The name was given to the delicious treat, not because it contains coffee, but because it goes well with a cup.

Food historians say that they were originally invented in the 17th century, somewhere in Europe. Sweet breads were initially eaten with coffee; they eventually evolved into the way we know them today - mixed with different kinds of nuts and fruits, and topped with streusel or icing.

There are actually a number of mixes available in the supermarket. These ready-made mixes are easy to make, and typically have instructions on the back of the box. However, these packaged mixes are never quite as delicious as those that you make on your own.

If you're looking for coffee cake recipes that are easy and that you can do at home, there are many places where you can start your search.

First of all, try searching your home. Your mother or grandmother may have some hidden recipes in some old chest in your very own house. Also, try calling your friends; they might know good coffee cake recipes from their own families that have been handed down to them, and that they are willing to share with you.

If you can't find recipes this way, you can turn to good old fashioned recipe books. Visit your local bookstore and find recipe books on baking different kinds of them. If none are available, check out cookbooks on cake making. You might also chance upon a delicious recipe in a magazine.

If this still doesn't work, you can always search the Internet. There are numerous recipes available online, using a variety of ingredients. If you want a more focused search, go to specific cooking websites, such as PerfectCoffees and AllRecipes.

The sheer number of coffee cake recipes that will appear from your search can actually be quite overwhelming. In order to pick just one, decide on what kind of cake you want, and limit your search to that. If you're planning to bake for family and friends, decide what will suit them best.

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